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Some of the Many Vukani Mawethu Choir Donation Recipients:

Alexandra Health Clinic, Alexandra Township, South Africa-
a small clean wonderful clinic in Alexandra Township which is the only health facility for 1,000,000 people living in 1 sq. mile.

Sisulu Community Farming Project, Capetown, South Africa -
The project’s mission is promote health in the community and provide nutritious foods to those living with HIV/AIDS  to complement and assure the effectiveness of treatment. In addition, the project is creating opportunities to learn ecologically proven farming methods, the selection of appropriate crops for the seasons, the proper maintenance of farming equipment and optimal ways of harvesting crops. The project is also planning the construction of a health clinic to serve HIV-positive people.

Health Care Trust, Elliot, South Africa -
does HIV training for rural health workers, traditional practitioners and youth peer educators.

Rosebank Children's Drop in Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa -
a small drop in center in Rosebank Shopping Center, Johannesburg, developed in response to the dangerous situation of many children being with their mothers on narrow medians in busy city streets where their mothers begged for money to survive.

Greater Nelspruit Rape Intervention Project (GRIP), Nelspruit, South Africa -
To prevent the transmission of HIV, GRIP provides free anti-retrovirals to women and children who are raped.

Iliso Lomzi (AIDS orphanage), Khayelitsha, South Africa -
provides services for AIDS orphans.

Kopanang Care Centre, Katlehong, South Africa -
operates a daycare center for children of child-headed households, a community garden to feed orphans, support groups and home-based services.

Know Your Body, Durban, South Africa -
This training program was established in response to the AIDS epidemic. To date, more than 5,000 women and youth have information on  HIV, STDs, contraception and other issues of sexual rights.

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Capetown , South Africa - 
founded South Africa’s grassroots campaign for treatment for HIV/AIDS, and leads international efforts for access to affordable medicines.

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Capetown Clinic, Capetown, South Africa -
This nonprofit program was established by the Treatment Action Campaign to make generic anti-retroviral treatment available to AIDS activists and members of the community.

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Johannesburg Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa -
This nonprofit program was established by the Treatment Action Campaign to make generic anti-retroviral treatment available to AIDS activists and members of the community.

TLC Ministries Orphanage, various cities in South Africa -
The Love of Christ (TLC) Ministries, was established in 1993, specifically to meet the needs of thousands of babies being abandoned in South Africa -- the most innocent victims of extreme poverty, violent crime, homelessness, HIV/AIDS and general social turmoil.  TLC is dedicated to salvaging these fresh, untarnished lives, through adoption into a community of families which is structured to focus on the objective of raising and nurturing the poorest of the poor into valuable, educated and skilled members of our nation.

Tanzania Hospital, Shirati Village, Tanzania -
a small hospital in Shirati Village, Tanzania, with a large percentage of women and children suffering from AIDS.

Partners in Health, Health Clinic in Haiti -
Established by Partners in Health and Dr. Paul Farmer who lives and provides medical services there 6 months a year, this health clinic is a life saver to thousands of rural Haitians with no other health services near their homes, many of them victims of the AIDS epidemic.

GOSSACE Orphanage, Uganda, via Global Light Works Foundation -
a small orphanage in Uganda where most orphans lost their parents and families to AIDS.

AIDS Project of the East Bay, Oakland, CA -
a valuable community resource in downtown Oakland, CA, doing good community work related to AIDS/HIV.

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