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Welcome to Vukani Mawethu

Vukani Mawethu is a multi-racial community based social justice choir which sings freedom songs of Southern Africa, as well as songs showing links between struggles in the United States and around the world.


We are united in our strong opposition to racism and injustice, and by our love of rhythms, melodies and harmonies which have grown out of many struggles for freedom. We collaborate, perform and organize to inspire and unite people to strive and work for peace, justice and equality for all.


VUKANI Statement 11-29-23

We are a multiracial community based social justice choir, we are united in our strong opposition to injustice, and we inspire and unite people to work for peace, justice and equality for all.  


Our mission statement moves us to speak out against the bombing and killing of the innocent people of Gaza, the majority of them women and children, and the intolerable conditions under which they are forced to live. Deliberate deprivation of water, food electricity and health care are unacceptable and must permanently stop!  


Vukani Mawethu stands against all forms of oppression: both the kidnapping of Israelis as hostages and the bombing of unarmed Palestinian civilians. We sing against war crimes of any kind. We sing for a peaceful and equitable resolution to this conflict. We call for a permanent cease fire. Only then will there be an opportunity to end the war and to have serious discussions in good faith that can lead to a humanitarian solution for a country in which all people can have equal rights and privileges and live together with dignity and in peace.


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